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Events for Pet Business Owners in 2020

Are you looking for ways to network, meet other pet professionals and learn to grow your pet business in 2020? There are pet business events taking place all over the UK this year ranging from conferences focusing on mindset and managing clients to trade shows. If...

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7 benefits of blogging as a pet business owner

Blogging in your pet business can help you attract clients and build a connection with the ones you already have. With so many different options when it comes to promoting businesses, trying something new can be overwhelming. Blogging takes time. You have to generate...

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Seven easy ways to approach a journalist

Are you thinking of approaching a journalist with a pitch or story idea and need to know the best way to go about it? Every day journalists are sent hundreds of press releases, invitations and messages and inboxes are so busy that e mails can get lost. The reality is...

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How to use Twitter to get press coverage

Twitter is the social media platform to reach out to journalists if you’re looking for press coverage for your pet business. This week I’ve been doing a PR My Pet Biz Challenge and engaging on Twitter has been a big part of that. I’ve found pet businesses are somewhat...

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How press coverage can help your pet business

Is getting press coverage something you’d like to achieve as a pet business owner? Appearing in the media can be a huge boost for your brand. It might sound daunting. Another thing on your list on top of social media and any other marketing activities you might do....

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Dos and don’ts when dealing with journalists

Are you thinking of pitching a story about your pet business to journalists and want to know the dos and don’ts? Every day reporters get hundreds of pitches from PR companies trying to persuade them to write about their clients. Personally, I receive around 250-300 e...

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What happens when you take a week off social media

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to go off social media for a week? Are you guilty of checking into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or all three several times a day, or hour even? I hold my hands up - I’m guilty of this. Last Friday I jetted off to...

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How to stop your pet business being seen as a side hustle

Does your pet business feel like a side hustle? In my Facebook group, I’ve had a number of people post recently saying they haven’t felt their business is taken seriously. Feeling like what you do is more of a ‘hobby’ or ‘little job’ can be crushing. It eats into your...

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Build Your Audience Through Content Marketing

Regular readers will know I’m all about creating engaging and helpful content as a pet entrepreneur because of how it’s helped in my own business. As a pet blogger, I grew my blog in a short space of time. It featured in the UK Top 10 Pet Blogs five months after...

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Choosing the right clients for your pet business

Have you ever had to deal with a nightmare client? The type of person who just doesn’t get you and what you do. Who questions your decisions, despite you being the expert. Who wants to wring every last bit out of the service you offer so they get their money’s worth?...

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How to write a pitch or press release about Crufts

It’s the biggest dog show in the world and if you and your dog have been to Crufts, it’s an ideal opportunity to get media coverage. The combination of cute dogs and a person from the area doing well is the perfect local media feel good story. So how do you do it? You...

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