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Learn everything you need to know to raise the profile of your pet business inside the Publicity for Pet Businesses Membership 

Previous students have appeared in the Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Mail, Independent, Metro, Mirror, Sun, Sunday Express, Your Dog, Dogs Monthly, ITV News and BBC Radio.

Plus loads of local and regional coverage and had their brands and services feature on blogs and with influencers.

This is a year long membership programme where you’ll learn how to create publicity on your OWN platforms, so your social media, website, blog, podcast or any other media you create.

AND you’ll learn how to get publicity on other people’s platforms, so newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV, online publications and on influential blogs, podcasts, vlogs and other media.

There are SO many opportunities for you to reach more people as a pet business owner and this is where you can learn to utilise them.

You’ll discover ways to:

Create stories in your pet business

Find media outlets and journalists to pitch to

Write press releases and give interviews like a pro

Be the go-to person and do your own PR.

There’s weekly live classes, sessions with national newspaper and magazine journalists, forward planning, masterclasses and as it’s a 12 month programme you can spread the cost over a year, making it super affordable at just £67 a month or £799 for the year until January 18th.

Then the price goes UP to £97 a month or £1199 for the year.

Publicity for Pet Businesses Power Hour
working with rachel


I joined Rachel’s course with much trepidation, thinking that this was really going to push me out of my comfort zone. I needn’t have worried, Rachel was brilliant, the course was set up in a way that made it manageable to follow and get the tasks completed. Everyone on the course, were so supportive too.

Before the course, I thought that PR was only for large brands, not accessible for small businesses, I also thought that I wouldn’t have anything that the media would be interested in covering.

I learnt that this isn’t the case, we all have stories in us, Rachel helps you to ‘find’ them and bring them out. I’m not good at thinking of possible stories, but Rachel ‘holds your hand’ and helps you find those stories that the media will want to publish.

I now know how to interact with the media, and build relationships with them for the future. The media and journalists aren’t scary and can help get your story out there.

The whole course was fantastic, I enjoyed every aspect of it and really felt that I learnt so much. Rachel’s teaching was easy to follow and full of information.

Rachel goes above and beyond on this course, she willingly shares her wealth of knowledge and experience because she wants to help you get media coverage. Doing this course will set you and your business up for any media opportunities because Rachel’s course covers everything you could need to know.

Michelle Burgess

Scruffy Little Terrier

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