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Looking for an experienced journalist to support your team?

I offer in person training covering everything you learn on the Publicity for Pet Businesses programme.

If you have an existing PR or marketing team and would like a journalist to work with on idea generation or as a sounding board, I can help.

Publicity for Pet Businesses Power Hour
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I contacted Rachel as a pet blogger to help raise the profile of StreetVet. Rachel came to London and spent the day shadowing the work we do on the street.

Following this she was so enthused by the work we do she pitched our StreetVet story to mainstream media which resulted in a feature in the Daily Mirror and Closer.

I have confidence in Rachel and so when we need support and advice on dealing with the media I go to her.

Rachel has helped craft press releases and found media opportunities to share StreetVet success stories which we may never have considered.

The result of her help has been far reaching and has had a ripple effect.

Our profile has been raised, leading to more volunteers, increased reach and donations, and given us the opportunity to share stories that can help change public perception.

Rachel is personable, approachable, enthusiastic and professional.  StreetVet has benefitted greatly from her skills and for that we are so grateful.

Jade Statt


pr consultancy and training for pet businesses

Packages start from £750 per day plus expenses. For more information please contact me.




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