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How to pitch to journalists about Coronavirus

by | March 20, 2020

Are you thinking of pitching a story about Coronavirus to your local media?

Newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and TV stations are running rolling coverage of what people are doing to cope with the pandemic.

They need stories and information and if you’re doing something to help your community in your pet business, they will be interested in reporting this.

Below is a recording of a pitching training session I did earlier this week that you  can listen to which explains the easy steps you can follow to connect with the media.

If you’re thinking of doing the same, here are some examples of pet business owners who have created packages and solutions that are newsworthy, some of whom have already had media coverage.
Claire Lawrence from High Peak Dog Services in Buxton, Derbyshire has done a helpful blog here set up a Cope with Coronavirus challenge Facebook group and has appeared on two BBC radio shows talking about solutions for dog owners.
Listen to her on the radio 7 mins in here: Coping With Coronavirus with Claire Lawrence.
Anna Pollard from In The Dog House in Leicester has a Facebook group sharing grooming advice.
Alex Graves spoke to her local paper about how she is serving clients in her dog walking business Rove Pet Services which you can read here: Advice for dog owners on protecting themselves from Coronavirus
Claire Turner Tarr who runs Expawditions is offering a ‘Walk and Shop’ service where one of her team walks dogs while another collects shopping for their owner.
All these are interesting stories for journalists.
So if you think you have a story a local paper, here are some tips for your pitch.
The journalist will need to know:
• Who you are
• What you do
• What you’re doing in the Coronavirus crisis
• How it’s helping people
Remember it needs to be newsworthy so think about how you’re helping people rather than see it as an opportunity to promote your business.
As the story is moving so quickly, I would ring up your local newspaper and ask to speak to a reporter or the news editor and explain what the story is.
Have high resolution photos ready and you may be asked to send in a press release. If you need a template to do this, you can download one on this link: Free press release template for pet businesses. 


I hope you’ve found the advice helpful and if this does result in a story, please let me know.

You can also join my free Facebook group where I’m putting on regular lives and classes to help pet business owners in the current Coronavirus crisis.

Here’s the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/publicitytipsforpetbusinesses/

For more tips on approaching your local media, you might like to read: Seven easy ways to approach a journalist

If you’ve heard about my Publicity for Pet Businesses programme and are interested in taking part in a free taster I’m holding over five days this summer you can sign up here: publicityforpetbusinesses.mykajabi.com/PRTaster

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