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Awareness Day Masterclass for Pet Businesses

Do you ever look at pet businesses posting about Awareness Days and think, ‘how did they know about that?’

Maybe you’d like to come up with ideas based around National Days but you worry your posts might sound a bit naff?

Or you might have a belting idea for your own day and need to know the steps to follow to make it happen, AND to make it a success.

In the Awareness Day Masterclass for Pet Businesses taking place LIVE at 4pm on March 5th 2021, you’ll learn everything you need to use them to promote your product or service. 

As a freelance journalist and award winning pet blogger I’ve used Awareness and National Days for hundreds of ideas for blogs and media articles.

I’ve worked with marketing expert Jan Murray on Love Your Diary Day and supported pet photographer Kerry Jordan to promote National Dog Photography Day which featured in The Times and trended at No1 on Twitter.

In the lesson you will learn:


How to use the days in your weekly social media content, blogs and website copy and media pitches without feeling lame or spammy.


How to create your OWN Awareness Day.


Where National Days and Awareness Days fail and how to avoid yours being a flop.


How to promote your awareness day to raise your profile and create a buzz around a cause or the work you do.

awareness days masterclass

How it works

You’ll come away with tonnes of ideas of how to use Awareness Days, and the exact steps to follow if you want to create your own.

The Awareness Day Masterclass for Pet Businesses comes with worksheets and checklists, a pitch template and guide on what to include in your promo pack.

This is a live class delivered via Zoom on March 5th 2021 at 4pm UK time.

You will be sent the recording to download and keep following the session or to watch on replay if you can’t make it live.

Fancy joining us? Reserve your space for just £27 using the easy pay button below.

Join the Awareness Day Masterclass for just £27