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Wow! I’ve just finished a Power Hour with Rachel and my brain is buzzing with ideas and inspiration!

Rachel is a lovely person to talk to so I thoroughly enjoyed the call and feel I’ve learned more about blogging in an hour than in my whole life before!

In January I committed myself to writing a monthly blog. While I’ve managed to achieve this I didn’t feel I was getting it right. The content was providing lots of value to my audience but it didn’t feel much like a blog. Blogging isn’t just writing; there is a craft to it, a skillset required – and I hadn’t mastered it.

If my own blog left even me underwhelmed, why would anyone else read it? 

Before the call I told Rachel what I needed her help with; planning next year’s blog series and once published, how to use them efficiently.

I was expecting – well, to be honest I didn’t quite know what to expect but I trusted Rachel and knew I was in safe hands. I perhaps thought we would cover general blogging advice, where to find ideas to write about, etc. What I wasn’t expecting was to come away from the call with a year’s worth of blogs ready to write!

Rachel had fantastic ideas about how to structure the series and even came up with the titles of each blog! Her ideas were completely aligned to my brand and what I wanted to achieve. It’s clear that Rachel is an expert in her field.

The value went beyond the specific blogs for next year; Rachel showed me how to think about blogs differently, giving me the knowledge and confidence to be able to plan the next series myself.

A lovely personal touch was when Rachel told me she knew how busy I was and so she wanted to help me design a blogging strategy that works for me and this is exactly what she did.

Incredible value and money very well spent. If like me you need to charge your blogging battery, plug into a power hour with Rachel!

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