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Essentials for the Publicity for Pet Businesses Challenge

by | January 20, 2020

Are you taking part in the Publicity for Pet Businesses challenge?

I’m opening up the visibility challenge where hundreds of petpreneurs can learn how to have their pet business in the media.

It’s free and will be taking place the week starting January 27th to 31st and if you’d like to sign up you can do so here:

Publicity for Pet Businesses PR Challenge.

If you’re thinking of joining in so you can find out more ways you can get your products and services known, here are the essential things you’ll need.

1. Ideas

If you’re thinking about featuring in the media, it helps to start with some ideas of the kind of things you think journalists might want to write about.

I’m going to give you lots of pointers and examples during the challenge but it would be great if you could start with a few things in mind.

Also, you must be willing to share some information about yourself when it comes to getting media coverage.

Journalists will want to know about the person behind a business or product.

2. Enthusiasm

The task is about selling yourself to the media. Why should they write about you?

So you will need some enthusiasm and gumption to do well in the challenge. Journalists want to speak to interesting, engaging people.

I have never met a pet business owner who didn’t have some fascinating stories to tell, so be passionate when you talk about what you do.

3. Photos

It’s likely the journalist will need photos to go with the story.

Due to budget cuts in the industry, most papers aren’t able to send out photographers so much.

If you’re pitching ideas, you will need a photo of yourself, you and your pet, you doing your job and if you have a product business, images of your products.

These need to be high resolution.

4. Time

Don’t worry – it’s not going to take over your whole week!

Try to set aside 20 minutes per day for the task. Each morning you will be sent an e mail explaining the task and taking you to a video in the Facebook group.

If you have any questions, there will be a dedicated thread where you can put them. Then there will be a live at 5pm UK time where I will answer the questions.

Should you complete all the challenge, there will be a masterclass where I will go through your pitch and explain the next step to take.

5. The ability to stay calm under pressure

There is a chance you might get a press opportunity while the challenge is going ahead. I’ll be sending you to places where journalists are looking for stories.

If you see a request that is perfect for you, you need to act quickly. That’s why I want to you have your photos and story ready.

Journalists work to deadlines and if you’re keen to win media coverage you need to be able to respond quickly and give them what they need.

Here are two recent stories from pet business owners in my community that were turned round within an hour of the editor sending me a request.

Sue McCabe – Divorce and how it affects our dogs.

Kim O’Donnell – My dog went to a boot camp.

6. Case studies/examples of your work

Depending on the story, you may need a case study to reinforce a point you are making.

For example, if you’re a dog trainer specialising in helping owners of barking dogs like Claire Lawrence, author of Three Steps to Silence, you might need a client to speak about their experience.

Here’s a piece she featured in from the last challenge: Claire Lawrence in Companion Life

Think of a case study as you would a testimonial. It’s proof for the reader or journalist that you are credible.

You may need photos of your case study too.

7. Website, event or social media links

The challenge is to raise awareness of you and your business, so you need somewhere to send the reader once they’ve finished the story.

For example, you might be running an event for rescue animals, or you may be writing about a product you’ve made for pets for Valentine’s Day.

The journalist needs to be able to tell the reader where they need to go next.

Ideally this will be a website where they can find out more, but if you don’t have this, then your social media pages, Etsy shop or an event page can work too.


I’m so excited about the challenge – the last one was awesome and led to me launching my first PR programme.

There have been some amazing results and I can’t wait for the next intake.

If you are taking part and are looking to raise your profile it does take time and effort. You have to do the work.

I’m not going to hand you details of journalists who will invite you on their TV shows. There is a lot you have to do to get to that point.

But you can learn a LOT in a week, and once you get some coverage, it will give you and your business a huge boost.

If you’ve heard about my Publicity for Pet Businesses programme and are interested in taking part in a free taster I’m holding over five days this summer you can sign up here: publicityforpetbusinesses.mykajabi.com/PRTaster

Want to read interviews with pet professionals who share how publicity has helped their business? You might enjoy From the boardroom to beach huts with Vicky Gunn or The Ultimate Pet Business with Dominic Hodgson.

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