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Need a press release for your pet business?

I’ll make sure you create something that journalists want and that doesn’t end up straight in the trash file.

We’ll have a free 15 minute call to make sure you have a story. If you don’t, I’ll tell you.

If you do, we’ll have an hour long call so I can find out all I need to know about your story.

You’ll receive expert advice on the right imagery to include alongside your release.

We’ll craft a press release of 300-400 words which is thoroughly researched and on an industry standard template.

PLEASE NOTE – this cost does not include distributing your press release.

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When I had the idea of doing a road trip, I went to Rachel to seek her advice as she has such a wide breadth of experience, particularly in the pet industry, but in journalism as well, and I thought as a journalist she would be able to give me an insight if the idea had merit.

With the press release, I gave Rachel all my key facts about the trip and what we planned and she came up with a strong angle as she had done when I launched K9Nation, and a press release for local and national titles, and a cover note email template to send to grab the journalist’s attention.

Working with Rachel absolutely gave me the confidence to go out and put my name forward. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Her words, her professional approach to the story, gave me the confidence to contact people like The One Show, which resulted in us going on live TV on the BBC to millions of viewers.

Thanks to her support, I’ve been on my local radio station with the BBC. It gave me that confidence. I didn’t feel like an amateur. I felt like people would pay attention, that my press release was structured in a way that got all the salient points across and would get me to be taken seriously.

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